About Us

 We build brands and business that stand out and break creative barriers


Rage Media is a 21st Century upwardly mobile marketing, design and communications agency set up to revolutionize the Global communications space. We leverage on traditional, digital and technological channels to ensure we deliver high level digital media marketing and advertising solutions for you and your brand to increase your brand awareness and give you top of the mind awareness in the market population.

Through our company culture, we make your brand roar and get your competition shivering. We have developed a culture that improves productivity, performance and profit through love, humility and respect.

We have an unending desire to increase in knowledge therefore we are constantly improving on our skills and talents as individuals and as a team. We are also great at what we do therefore what we do for you will make your brand great.

Our super powers include, but not limited to: Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Event Marketing, Branding, Crisis Management, Website Design and App Development, Content & Social Media Marketing, and many other services.

You think it, we make it happen.

Our Vision

As a 21st Century compliant communications Agency set to revolutionize the Global Communications space, we have a proven track record for helping businesses get from zero to 7 figures 100% on the backbone of effective marketing.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be a global leader in the Advertising and Digital Space by providing matchless value to our clients, prospering together with clients, shareholders, and employees, and also contributing to a prosperous digitally focused society.

Our Core Values

Committed To Service

Our service to you isn’t a 100 meter race, it’s a marathon and we are with you all the way. Our goal isn’t only to take you to the top, but to make sure you stay at the top through consistency, excellence, and commitment to your success. We won’t stop until it’s done.


Building a sustainable relationship comes before profit for our brand. We believe listening to our customers can’t be overemphasized and we endeavor to put you first in every decision we make. We always leave the door of continuous improvement open.


At the Rage Group we demand more of ourselves than our clients do or expect. Our belief in excellence expresses our passion to strive for the best solutions so you have the best customer experience. We pursue the highest quality possible and never fail to deliver exceptional results.We believe in what we are doing and that its value motivates our persistent commitment which is why we deliver incredibly amazing and fulfilling results. We consistently perform beyond expectation outstandingly.


Our performance incorporates a culture of setting up our employees for success which equally sets your brand for success. With proven results that surpass standards, our exceptional excellence creates the path that others to follow. We deliver with accuracy on all projects and tasks

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