Strategies to Drive Consumer Action on ADs

It is no longer news that advertising (marketing) is one key way to gain customers' attention however, many businesses still are not getting their Ads right.

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Daily, businesses are springing up and are mostly contending for the same customers

It is no longer news that advertising (marketing) is one key way to gain customer’s attention however, many businesses still are not getting their Ads right. There are many similar ads from competing brands, and it is very easy to get lost in the noise.

Ads must have that extra something that makes them special. Brands must remember they are communicating to humans and at the core of every ad is making an impact and convincing the audience to take action. The most successful advertising therefore, are those that pushes the audience to do something without them even realizing it.

But to achieve this isn’t always so straightforward. The following are some strategies considered to be very effective for making advertising (marketing) stand out and entice consumers to take action.


1. Do Your Research and Ensure you Truly understand your core customer:

Do your research, ensure this ad is truly addressing a pain in the first place. To truly know and understand your core customer is a strength, and it means you are halfway to making an Ad they will resonate deeply with. Like lovers, this means that you understand their passion, emotions, colloquialisms and nuances in a detailed way.

If you are fanatical about the same thing they are fanatical about, and you can speak to it as they want, then your audience will react. If your ad makes a customer feel like you really get them and their needs/pain then you can get them to take action and do whatever you want.

2. Be Clear and Consistent:

Remember that one thing said clearly and easily understood is better than two or more ambiguous, hard to understand words. State clearly the unique brand promise and why they should choose you.

Also, be consistent with brand visual element throughout this immediately results in brand recognition and easy remembrance.


3. Powerful visuals + Action words:

You can never go wrong with power visuals and key action words. However, none should get in the way of the other.

The art of choosing visuals and words that will get customers to act is critical to success of any ad. The combination of both, builds curiosity, excitement, joy and other positive emotions so that it makes your ads stand out.

4. FOMO:

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is beyond a slang. No one wants to feel excluded. So, ensure your ad convinces your audience that they are missing out when they don’t use your product and services. This can potentially increase the demand placed on your product or service.


A mix of all the four above strategies would go a long way in making your video or visual ad stand out.

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