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Uche from bolt, Ope from Cowrywise, Ore from Kuda, Somto from Piggyvest, and the list goes on

These are not unfamiliar names, especially if you are subscribed to the newsletters of some of these trending upwardly mobile tech platforms. Whether you like them or not, these brands have successfully mastered the art of carving a space for themselves in the hearts of their customers. At the base of these nearly personal relationship with customers are actual humans who work with these brands. Their names have somehow built a virtual relationship with users, even if we know nothing about them

What do these people do? Often times, they inform you about the brand they represent, they guide you on necessary steps, they listen to your complaints, but ultimately, they give you that sense of one-on-one interaction with the brand. Sometimes, customers go as far as painting a mental picture of these brand characters in their heads. Through their messages, these characters build a relationship with the customers such that you begin to like and trust the brand. Their job is to help the brand attain brand affinity. When you mention a brand, you immediately attach the names to it. It’s a strategic move that makes you more receptive to a brand’s communication, especially via newsletters


How do you create your brands character? What are the advantages of having a name tied to your brand? When sending out your external communication materials in 2022, you might just want to attach a character as a strategic means of giving your customers that one-on-one experience. You can start by generating a name for your character preferably a name of an existing staff/CEO/CO FOUNDER, or a moniker that can almost be a role for anyone in the organization. Then you can create a unique personality for your brand character. Decide on the speak, the tone, and the messaging when relating to customers. For instance, the role of “Alex from your brand” could be to check up on customers or to attend to complaints


As a brand, creating a brand character to relate with your audience really helps your brand. It helps humanize your brand, and it helps your audience connect better with you. Business is about people, and people want to have a sense of inclusivity with a brand that’s got some sort of a personality. Creating a brand character should be a prioritized strategic move for you as an entrepreneur in 2022

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