What These Social Media Marketing Metrics Means For Your Business

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From follower counts to post engagement percentages, the world of social media metrics keeps evolving. It can be hard to keep up with these metrics but Rage Media, a social media marketing agency in Abuja will break down these metrics in this post. This is important for your business. In addition, a new important metric seems to be created on a weekly basis.

Are these metrics even important to my business? You may ask. Firstly, we will go over what social media marketing metrics are, their importance to your business, how to find them and which ones you should be paying attention to. Lastly, we will examine core measurements that will help you stay on top of for your KPIs, goal setting and campaign tracking. Rage Media, a social media marketing agency in Abuja has tried, tested and carried out research on these metrics.

What are social media marketing metrics? And why they are important to your business?

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Social media marketing metrics are bench marks that help determine how well your strategies and campaign are performing. They show you the value of your work and the impact they have made. These metrics also help you monitor, in the case that your business is not reaching its goal or to improve it.

For example, if your business goal is to increase conversions. That means, your social media goal becomes increasing conversions from those that visit your site via posts that are part of your strategy.

Now that you have a goal in mind, you can clearly identify which social media metrics to measure. The time frame to measure them can also be considered.

Second example would be, increasing conversions from your page visit by 25% in a three-month span. To meet this goal, you decide to run a campaign that will include ads, product tags and influencers. To measure this, you’ll have to look at the social traffic and conversion rate metric from those posts in your website analytics.

Social media metrics are important to your business because they prove you can measure how successful a campaign is. They also reveal how well your strategy is performing and the impact it will have an impact on your business. Not only does having these metrics give you an opportunity to showcase the impact of your work to executives, but providing consistent social media metric reports can lead to major shifts for your social team, including budget increases and increased access to resources.

Lastly, social media marketing metrics keep you aware of general social profile and brand health, you don’t know the impact of your social media presence until you have the data to back it up.

Here a few social media metrics and their meanings on your business

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate covers Likes, comments, shares or website clicks. This represents how much your audience interacts with your account or content and how often.

High engagement rates will indicate audience health (how responsive your audience is and how many are “real” followers), interesting content types and your awareness of your brand.

Like most metrics, looking at one engagement metric might not give you all the context you need to make full decisions for your strategy. Looking at a combination of metrics is a great way to learn more about what levers you can pull to meet your specific goals. For example, a post that receives a lot of likes but not comments or shares isn’t always bad. The post intention could’ve been to present a beautiful image and a caption that isn’t meant to be a call to action. But, if there was a call to action that encouraged comments and shares, then the lack of them could mean a poorly performing caption.

Impressions & Reach

Impressions and reach are each an important metric to track that explain brand awareness and visibility.

  • The number of times a post shows up in someone’s timeline is called Impressions.
  • Reach is the potential unique viewers a post could have. (Usually your follower count plus accounts that shared the post’s follower counts).

Response Rate & Time

These metrics represent how customer oriented a brand and the overall customer experience with your brand. This is judged on how quickly comments and messages are responded to.

The most common and often important metrics to pay attention to are engagement, impressions and reach, share of voice, referrals and conversions and response rate and time. As a result, these metrics combined will give you a 360º view of your social media performance.

For effective social media monitoring of your business and brand, contact the trusted Social Media Marketing Agency in Abuja; Rage Media on 07080902443 today!

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